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Youth Program

2007 World Wide Paint Congress

The North Dakota Paint Horse Club is proud to sponsor various programs to help our area youth and the community

Youth Program

We are proud to announce our new youth advisor, Jan Williams.

Jan Williams
NDPHC Youth Advisor
Phone: 701.763.6345
4776 68th Avenue SE
Cleveland, ND 58424

Check back here often for updates on our youth program.


Youth Letter 2011

Hello Everyone!

Youth Riders

Recently, the North Dakota Paint Horse Club held their annual meeting in Jamestown.
It was a cold and blustery day,  but those Paint enthusiasts  would like
to warmly encourage you to participate in this e-mail survey!

We had many great comments after last years Youth Judging Clinic.  The advisors that attended,  as well as the student participants,  enjoyed the content and said, at the time, they would like to see another event.  Here's the part where we need your involvement!

Please respond to this e-mail and let us know what subjects you'd like covered in this spring's  2011 clinic.  Some ideas might include:

           - more in-depth coverage of last year's topics (which
             were Judging Conformation and Condition,  Basic
             Fitting and Clipping,  and Basic Equitation.)

          - health related topics of your choice??

          - breed related issues

          - your own ideas?!

Tell us what you liked/didn't like about last year and want to see this year.  We'd like to schedule another clinic,  but want to work with students and advisors to tailor the content to the  topics that generate the most interest. As with last year, your registration fee will also cover your membership in the North Dakota Paint Horse Club.  We are planning to do a one day trail ride this year and we'd like to invite you to participate.  The dates are not final yet,  but we'll let you know when they are!

Thanks, in advance, for your cooperation!  NDPHC looks forward to seeing you again this spring!


Youth Letter 2010

Calling all Paint Youth!

Youth RidersSpring is just around the corner and we are all busy making plans to attend the 2010 shows!  The North Dakota Paint Horse Club (NDPHC) has some cool things planned and we want to invite you to participate!

DuesFirst of all, NDPHC youth dues this year will be $10.  You must have your dues paid in order to compete for year end awards. Seniors, remember to pay your dues to be eligible for the APHA Foundation and Zone 3 scholarships.  Both of these scholarships have been awarded to North Dakota youth in the past, so it's worth your while to get those in.  You may send your dues to either of the advisor addresses below.   Please include your e-mail address so we can contact you for activities that come up later. Click here for Membership form.

AwardsThe North Dakota Paint Horse Club is planning two shows this year.  The first will be at the Red River Valley Fairgrounds in West Fargo on June 26.  It will be an approved show for both Paints and Pintos with 2 judges.  Bring those double registered horses and rack up some points!  On-site registration will be available for Paints wishing to show Pinto at the show.  You can check the Pinto site for more info on registration.  We are planning a pizza party for the youth on Friday evening to kick off the year and help everyone get reacquainted.  (More on those details will come later.)  We will also be having a youth meeting to get organized. If you have friends that show pinto, give them a call and invite them to this show!   We are planning to give awards to the high point mini, mini B, pony, horse mare and horse gelding.

JudgingThe second show will be in Sioux Falls, S.D., September 25 & 26 at the Sioux Empire Fairgrounds.  This show will have 3 judges each day for a total of 6 judges for the weekend! The South Dakota Paint Horse Club will be co-hosting this show with us, and the Gary H. Dietrich Memorial fund will be donating lots of prizes.  We are planning to have a NDPHC Youth Hospitality Booth where we will have some info on the APHA youth organization, scholarships, and some treats for exhibitors and spectators, along with a place for the youth to hang out when they have a break between classes.

***There will be a scholarship awarded to the high point youth at the Sioux Falls  show.  The scholarship is given as a memorial to Renae Champagne, previous youth advisor,  who recently lost her battle with cancer.  Points will be    accumulated during this show only and competition is open to any age youth. ***

We are also working on some activities for those of you who don’t show.  Plans are in the works for a judging clinic,  open to Paints, Quarters,  Apps and 4-H,  to be held in April. Watch for info on that to come later.

By the way, I’m Beth Brown, your new youth advisor.  Carla Vetter is also helping with this group.  We’re excited to be working with the youth and hope to do some fun things.   If you have any ideas, or things you'd like to do, please let me know.  I can be reached at my home, 701-265-8963, or my cell at 701-521-0416.  My e-mail is

Have a great year!

Beth Brown                                Carla Vetter
10025 151 Ave.  NE                    6021 12th St. SE
Bathgate,  ND  58216                  Bismarck,  ND  58504

Past Youth News - November 2007 Hi Everyone,

We had our annual youth meeting along with the awards banquet Saturday, November 10th at the Seven Seas in Mandan. Thanks to everyone that came. We had much to discuss and I think we accomplished a lot!

We set up our fund raisers for the year. We will be doing an egg toss and a 50/50 raffle at our June show and a horse shoe toss and 50/50 raffle at the September show. We also are working on hosting a Spring Clinic at the Gandrud’s in Bismarck on May 10 & 11. Clinician will be Mark Shaffer. Details are not ironed out yet, but I need to stress that we need participation from all the youth members on this, as this is our largest fund raiser.If you have not done so already, please call or email to reserve a spot. We are only taking 15 riders.

Our budget was discussed for the year and we will be allotting money for sending a horse judging team to the APHA World and also assisting with members to show at Denver Stock Show, Paint World, or Paint Congress. We have been asked by the adult club to continue to pay/help pay for our year end awards also. This year (2007 ), we did pay for all youth year end awards.

If there is anyone else out there that was not at the meeting that is interested in the World Judging Team, please contact me by January 15th. Sheila Scholl will be the coach.

Anyone interested in putting in for funds for showing at Denver Stock Show, Paint World, or Paint Congress. We will continue to have a 3 month prior deadline to put in for any funds. This can be done verbally at any of our youth meetings or you can send me something in writing. There were guidelines set forth at the meeting. You will be informed of these when you put in for funds or you can contact one of the advisors or myself for details.

We also found out from the AjPHA (American Junior Paint Horse Association) that all members of our state club must also be current members of the AjPHA. We are in the process of rewriting our bylaws but everyone please know that you must pay your membership to both the NDYPHC (North Dakota Youth Paint Horse Club) and to the AjPHA to be a club member. I do need to submit a list of members to AjPHA by January 1st, so please email me with your name, address, email, phone number, and your AjPHA number. If you have not been an AjPHA member in the past, please send in your membership as quickly as possible and we will put down that you have applied. You can get their membership forms on line at, or let me know and I can send one to you. They have both an annual membership of $15 or you can pay lifetime membership of $100. Our state membership is $10 and can be sent to Kristen Strom at 3745 30th St SE, Dawson, ND 58428.

Election of Officers was held as follows:
Kelsey Champagne –President
Alexis Zachrison – Vice-President
Secretary/Reporter – Jeff Strom
Treasurer – Kristen Strom

Adult Advisors are Beth Brown and Carla Vetter

And last but definitely not least, Congratulations to 4 members that did represent us at Congress. Trent Stromme, Danielle Stromme, Alexis Zachrison and myself. I think we did a good job representing our state. All of us placed at least once or more in the top ten overall placings.

Also Congratulations to our youth members with their year end awards.
These results can be viewed on the webpage

Here are the important dates for the upcoming year:

December 21, 2007 – I need your AjPHA membership number/address/phone/email info so that I can send it to AjPHA for our state club renewal. Email this info to

December 31, 2007 – Your 2007 state youth club membership expires. If you have not done so already, please submit $10 to Kristen Strom asap. Also, if you have not renewed your APHA membership, you will need to get that done, as you must be member of AjPHA also for your state youth membership to be valid.

January 15, 2008 – Deadline to let me know if you are interested in APHA World Show Judging Team

March 2, 2008 – Deadline for Fund Request for Paint World

May 10 & 11, 2008– Mark Shaffer Clinic. Includes youth sponsored lunches. Youth Meeting. All youth should plan to attend/help, as this is our largest fund raiser.

May 31 & June 1, 2008 – Valley City P-O-Rama. Includes youth fund raisers and youth meeting.

July 7. 2008 – Deadline For Request for Congress

July 25 & 26, 2008 – Possible APHA Show at Minot State Fair

September 6 & 7 – Valley City P-O-Rama. Includes youth fund raisers and youth meeting.

October 6 – Deadline for Fund Request for 2009 Denver Stock Show.

Please remember to email me soon with your APHA member number and info.

Happy Holidays!
Kelsey Champagne 701-252-5266

Youth Annual Meeting

November 10, 2007, Saturday
12:00 noon.
Seven Seas – Mandan, ND

This is our annual meeting. Since we did not have our September meeting, we will have alot of things to discuss. Please try to attend as this is where most of the decisions are made regarding the upcoming year.

Reimbursements for the Minot supper and Congress will be made at this time. Bring your receipts.

We will have election of officers and dues will be collected for 2008.

Youth News - July 2007
Thank you to everyone that supported the May John Briggs Spring Horsemanship Clinic. Hopefully we can continue this Spring clinic for many years. Our egg toss fund raiser at the June show was great fun. Coming at our Sept show, we have our potluck supper on Sat night.

June was double busy for some of our present and past youth. Hillary Siebels, Alexis Zachrison, Nikki Zachrison, and myself spent some time in the sun (or should I say rain) when we attended the World Pinto Show in Tulsa, OK. Check out how everyone did on our Congrats page.

Zone 3 membership fee has already been refunded to us. One youth member is especially glad that we decided to join. Congrats to Austin Scholl and his zone 3 scholarship. Good luck at Jamestown College! Go Jimmies!

Youth t-shirts are in the process of being ordered. All paid youth members will receive one!

Our next meeting will be at the Sept show. We will be discussing sending a team to Pinto World in 2008; including team selection and financial support. If you are interested, please make sure you attend. So the next time we meet, we will all have the start of the school year behind us. Enjoy the rest of the summer, and hope to see everyone in September. Kelsey 320-9005


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